Procedure of the production process

1. Create your drink

Open the website „“ with your smartphone.
Choose your favourite juice, puree and pieces.
Click at the button „Order now“.

You get an overview of your order.
Click at the button „Submit order".

You get a personal product ID number.
If you click at the button „start again“ you have the chance to order more drinks.

2. Start production

The barkeeper labels a cup with the personal product ID number.

Station 1, 2, 3 and 4 claims the task „ juice, puree, pieces and alcohol“ with the ID number.
The order of the preparation of drinks is not important.
The given example shows the claiming of „Station 1“ at first.

An intra-logistician brings the empty cup to the following station.
Then he clicks at the button „done“ and a tick appears in the system.
Every transport from one station to another has to be checked off by the transportservice employee.

The following workstation which receives the cup clicks at the button „Do“.

Now the worker puts the cup on the scale and fills in the juice, puree, pieces or alcohol.
On the left hand you can see an instruction how to fill in the juice in the cup.
On the right hand you see a live process data concerning the weight of the cup.

The weight of the scale is carried over in the system.
The worker clicks at the button „Done“ and puts the drink on the side table.
Now the intra-logistician can transport this drink to the temporary table.
Thereafter another intra-logitician transports this cup to another workstation.

This process has to be accomplished at every workstation until the drink is finished.


3. Delivery to the customer

At last the finished drink stands in the intermedate store ready for beeing delivered to the customer.