General Information

Which requirements should I meet in order to start?

It's recommended but not mandatory  to have a basic understanding of your preferred operating system (e.g. Linux), Mongo DB and Node.js.


How do I get the Data for the transportservice?

You can download the transportservice from GitHub repository: Transportservice.


What do I have to do to start the installation?

At first you have to update your system (OS Update). In the next step you have to install Node.js and Mongo DB.

With Mongo DB you create the database transportDB and the collection tsdatalist.


Additional information

The transportservice can be accessed with IP of the hardware localhost:3002.

Detailed Documentation:

Installation process (example for Debian based distributions)

Installing: System Updates (OS Update)
sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrad

Install Mongo DB:
sudo apt-get install mongodb

Start Mongo DB:
sudo service mongodb start

The last step is to enable automatically starting MongoDB when the system starts:
sudo systemctl enable mongodb

Open Mongo-Shell:

Type into Mongo-Shell to create database TransportDB:
use TransportDB

Install Node.js:
curl-sL | sudo -E bash -
sudo apt-get install -y nodejs

Download the repository from GitHub as a zip-file and unzip to your favourite path or use git clone

Install necessary node-modules:
cd /path/to/cloned/repository/Transportservice
npm install

Start the Transportservice

Navigate to the cloned repository and start Node.js:
cd /path/to/cloned/repository/Transportservice
npm start

Additional information

Set the IP-Address in the configuration file config.json to your local MQTT-Broker.
The service can be accessed can be accessed on port 3002.