General Information

Which requirements should I meet in order to start?

It's mandatory  to have access to the internet, knowledge of your operating system (e.g. Linux) and Node.js. It is also necessary that you download the "Workservice repository" data from GitHub

What steps do I have to take to start the workservice?

It's necessary to update your system and install Node.js. It's also needful to download project directory Workservice from GitHub and open it with your operating system. 

Additional information

The workservice can be accessed with IP of the hardware localhost:3001.

Detailed Documentation

Installation process (example for Debian based distributions)

Installing: System Updates (OS Update)
sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrad

Install Node.js:
curl -sL | sudo -E bash -
sudo apt-get install -y nodejs

Download Workservice repository:
From GitHub
Save data file on your system

Start Data file:
Open path where workservice is saved (e.g. cd /Desktop/i4.0-demo-master/Workservice)
npm install